Super Thai Signatures

Super Thai Signatures

At Super Thai, be teleported to Bangkok where good food meets great fun! Restaurant in the day and Bistro by night, Super Thai is a place for Authentic Thai Food,to chill out and enjoy the night with our specially concocted Thai Cocktails, or have a few games of darts and pool with some of your buddies

Super Thai Signatures one you cannot miss!

1. Signature Soi Aroy Mixed Platter 🐖

A palatable combination of 24 hrs seasoned pork cheek, lemongrass chicken and pork skewer grilled to perfection.

2. Signature Crispy Papaya Salad 🥗 

Tasty Golden Papaya served with Super Thai Sweet and Sour Som Tum sauce, adding a modern twist to this authentic Thai dish.


3. Basil minced pork with century egg 🥚🥚

Stir-fried Minced Pork with aromatic Thai basil and caramelized garlic. Served with Century Egg.

4. Thai Steamed Sea bass with Lime 🍋 and chilli 🌶

Ocean fresh Seabass steamed in special lime and chilli sauce topped with SuperThai special sauce.


The level of spiciness in Super Thai can be done whichever way you prefer it! Who says Thai food has to be Spicy ?

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