Must Trys @ Super Thai

Must Trys @ Super Thai

From classic favourites dishes to modern Thai mounthwatering menu,
Here, we share four must-try dishes that will leave you coming back
for more at our Super Thai Restaurant.:.

Thai Sambal Petai with Prawns 🍤 

Fresh petai stir-fried with prawns in homemade Thai Sambal sauce

Crispy Deep-Fried Omelette with Crab Meat 🦀

Crispy, fluffy, divine. Delicately deep fried to a golden brown and topped with juicy crabmeat

Drunken Noodle with Seafood 🦑 🦐

Flat rice noodles stir-fried spicy with seafood and Thai basil, beautifully combined for a balanced flavor of spicy, tangy and sweet.

Signature Pineapple Fried Rice 🍍

Everyone’s Favorite Pineapple Fried Rice! Golden yellow with deep wok-hey and topped with a variety of ingredients to add on to the taste and juiciness

“Thai food ain’t about simplicity. It’s about the juggling of disparate elements to create a harmonious finish” – David

Super Thai restaurant located on a busy corner site in Upper Aljunied street. With glazed frontage on two sides of the building, overlooking the mark.

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